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Everything you need to know before you launch your first Facebook ad

Your First Facebook Ad Checklist

That first time can feel a little nerve-wracking as you click the publish button and wonder what you’ve just done.  Before you do, here is the fail-safe process I’ve used for publishing hundreds of Facebook Ads.  It’s based on years of trial and error that you won’t have to go through now you have this!

There are three areas to consider, who your audience is, the tech stuff and the content.  Commonly first-timers spend time trying to figure out the tech and forget about the goal, to get more customers!  You’ll see the checklist is people heavy, that’s deliberate so you don’t make that first-timer mistake!

Even if you whizz down this list quickly and spend no more than a few minutes checking off each line you’ll have done much more than the vast majority of people who start with Facebook Ads.

The People Stuff

Your core focus is on providing something of value to the people you want to reach.  The more deeply you understand your customer the more powerful your adverts will be.  How confidently can you agree with the following;

  • I know what the core desire is for my brand and the people I serve.
  • The biggest fear for my customer is well understood.
  • I know the language style that matches my brand and excites my customers.
  • You know what your customers value more than anything.
  • Our audience is well defined in terms of their lifestyle and demographic profile based on people who have purchased before.
  • We know what their number one challenge is right now.
  • We understand the customer journey from challenge to purchase.

The Pixel & Tech Stuff…

Facebook themselves have some great resource videos on the tech side of things.  If tech really stresses you out though you can also ask your web developer to install pixels and take care of that side for you.  It’s a job that only has to be done once so you would rather focus your efforts elsewhere it can be a sensible business decision.

  • We have website pages live and pixels installed.
  • The landing pages comply with Facebook Advertising policy including Privacy and Legal requirements for the area you are advertising to.
  • Follow ups such as email sequences or bot sequences have been tested.

The Campaign Stuff…

Does it wow you?  Your first impression counts so I want you to spend some time looking at the creative you’re using and decide if it’s really super wow worthy stuff.  Canva can be a great resource for creating graphics and freelance sites are awash with really cheap ways to have things jazzed up if, like me, making things pretty isn’t a strong point!

  • Content reflects the appropriate step in the customer journey, we’re not trying to propose on the first date!
  • We’ve got content that speaks directly to the need at each step of the journey.
  • We LOVE the content and would buy our own stuff based on it!

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