An Expert In Facebook Ads Reveals….

How to launch a winning Facebook Ad even if you've never done one before!

So you can...

Discover the non-techy walkthrough of setting up your first Facebook ad for long term success…

Create a campaign that works long term...

Avoid the pitfalls of 'having a go' with a few quid and set up a campaign that has real scope to grow as you do.

Be realistic about what the campaign can do...

Without wasting a tonne of cash in the process. This is about planning a campaign that is predictable and one you can replicate.

Build real knowledge about your audience...

and keep getting more predictable and more stable results as you grow your business.

From Aimee:

Most of the Facebook Ads stuff I see is over complicated by tech jargon when it should really just be about…  Focusing on the People First.  That is the simple truth!  So many people get put off by what seems to be really difficult funnels and the need for expensive software plus there is so much conflicting advice out there.

Facebook ads are a fantastic tool to grow your business, a tool that grows predictably when you follow the basic rules of being human first. 

I’ve laid out the tried and trusted strategy, battle proven over the last 10 years, for you to run your first Facebook Ad with confidence.

It is easy to follow and will guide you step-by-step through the planning, executing and optimising your first campaign.  Focusing on  people first all the way we will do the background work most people miss (and is the number one reason most campaigns fail) on who you want to attract and how best to focus on what they need from their relationship with you each step of the way.

Maybe you’ve thought about giving Facebook Ads a go in the past.  Perhaps you:

  • Know your customers are on Facebook but don’t know how to find them?
  • Are wanting to try Facebook Ads without wasting money.
  • Want something that is easy to set up and gets results without spending hours of your life learning a new language!

If that sounds familiar then you’ll get a lot out of this course because those are the exact situations I had in mind when I wrote it for you!

*At the very least, even if you still decide to hire an agency to run ads for you, you’ll be a more informed buyer with a solid promotional strategy that you can confidently brief an agency on. 

Enrolment is just £47 for lifetime access to the Masterplan and strategy that you can use over and over for each ‘thing’ you sell.  The course won’t date because it’s based on the principles of people and people work the same today as they were a hundred years ago.

Plus if you decide to flunk out on class at any point in your first 7 days you get 100% money back – no questions asked.  By then you’ll have been able to see the full process inside and out.

Once your enrolment is complete you get instant access to the whole course content, and whilst I strongly encourage you to work through step-by-step I also want you to be able to see exactly what it takes to run a successful Facebook Campaign from the second you enrol even if you take that 100% money back guarantee.

Here's Everything You Get Automatically With The Course...

You get full access for 7 days and can refund, no questions asked within 7 days if you change your mind for any reason at all (even if that’s nothing to do with the course content.)

The failsafe process for testing and scaling Facebook Ads every single time.

Access the full recording of a live workshop where I break down each and every step of the campaign and share a simple map for campaign planning.

Work through this step by step workbook to plan the customer journey so you can use that flow for all your marketing activity (not just Facebook Ads.)

Breaking down the perfect client for you so you can target ads quickly, easily and effectively.

Fill the blank copy templates, content ideas and your campaign content planner.

What People Say About Training With Aimee…

Aimee is one of the smartest, most talented, most REALLY BLOODY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES BUT DOESN’T SHOUT ABOUT IT ENOUGH people you will ever meet. Genuinely. She is my go to person for FB ads and for all of my wobbles around should I do this or not.

Kerrie Rycroft


Her level of understanding and analysis was outstanding and her knowledge in Digital Marketing is exceptional. She has an attitude in going deep into the issues and immediately giving practical and touchable solutions. No empty talk just work, this is how I describe her.

Fation Cumani


Aimee is always genuine, funny, supportive and honest. Her unique approach was exactly what I needed and she is now my absolute “go-to” person.

Sarah Squires


When I first joined the entrepreneurial world I was lucky enough to work with Aimee. She taught me so much and have seen her work her magic and make it so simple for her clients.  Aimee you are a marketing genius.

Kelly West


I can truly say I have gained more practical knowledge about how to market my business from Aimee in that one day than I have from attending several other events.

Bernard Carey


So accessible for complete techno-phobes.

Jill Huskisson