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Enjoy as we explore the world of bullsh*t, blueprints and boobs that dominates the digital marketing world and I reveal why, if you choose, 2016 really can be different for you.

Look at my perfect highlight reel of life

I could have slapped myself last night. At business club we were asked if any of us had any success stories using social media. My mouth answered before my brain went into gear.

“I made £1,500 from one Facebook post last week”

Now that’s technically true, the post inspired action in someone and they signed up. But that’s not the whole story. Truth be told this person came into my life about 18 months ago, they have bought other things from me before and most importantly I’ve spent 18 months building that relationship.

It’s stories like this though that wow, that lure you into thinking that overnight success is possible. The interwebs is full of them.

  • My client paid me a million dollars and made 10x their investment before they got off the phone.
  • Give me a laptop and a beach and I will have enough money to buy Dubai at lunchtime.
  • Or my current favourite, I manifested a unicorn that shits gold, you can too.

It’s not all bullshit. I know there are really successful people in the world who have the ‘midas touch’

Thing is the midas touch is usually only seen after years of graft, hardship and often many, many failures.

Because we are only human, the comparisons start. Your worst bits, compared to their best.

You might as well take a badly lit, straight on, no make-up selfie and compare it to someone on the red carpet.

Ask yourself, what’s the story behind the story?

Be inspired by what’s possible in the world for you rather than flogging yourself for not yet owning 5 helicopters and 12 yachts on each of your 3 private islands.

We are each fundamentally and totally different people.
Even identical twins are not the same people with the same personalities, quirks and habits.

It follows then that each of our businesses will be different too. Even at the huge corporate level each business has its own culture, brand and way.

So where does the logic that there is some secret blueprint that applies to all businesses come from?

I’m guilty!

I’ve used the ‘blueprint’ in my marketing, recently in fact, I think there is a framework of 6 things that digital marketing needs to be successful.

But each person I work through those ideas with has scope to explore and be flexible, in fact it’s probably a lie that it should be called a blueprint at all.

Blueprints are, by definition, an exact map. There’s something sexy and alluring about having a plan to follow. But they will only allow you to create the exact thing they are designed to create.

So if you want a business that’s unique, that reflects you and allows you the freedom to be you then a blueprint is not for you.

Most guru’s will tell you if you invest and get no results it’s because you suck.

You didn’t go balls deep.

You failed to implement.

You fail at life.

(P.S. Buy the ‘how not to fail at life blueprint’ for $97)

But the truth is a blueprint is just a way to live someone else’s life.

Why would you want that when you can have your own amazing life instead?

One crafted around the things that matter to you, your way. The whole reason you set up a business in the first place was to get away from someone else’s agenda and live for you!

How much money have you invested in courses, info products and memberships?
Then what. It becomes shelf-development or data for later. I know because I’ve done it. And I’ve run a membership site where the content is delivered and months later people are still saying ‘ah I meant to get round to that’.

I learned that knowledge is only one part of the story.

It’s a big part for sure, having the right information at the right time to inform your decision making can really shortcut your success.

But knowledge doesn’t actually DO anything.

This morning my brother gave me an amazing answer to the question ‘can fish drown’? (technically no but they can suffocate.) Point is that knowledge doesn’t stop the fish from drowning.

Knowing stuff is only useful if you act on it.

I remember a conversation with someone who I respect massively and has a thriving 7 figure business about an offer she put out. It was beyond good, with access to a huge list. I asked how she could feasibly offer access to her list and retain integrity with her subscribers. The truth, most people who bought into it would ever take the action needed to put a product together so no message to the list would happen.

This was one of the biggest hooks to buying into her offer and she knew that most people just wouldn’t act.

And that’s why I’m sceptical when people tell me I should have an info product or some kind of continuity membership site. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of people giving me money and getting mediocre benefit.

I much prefer knowing that I’ll engage in a real conversation once a week, kick ass, inspire and guide people through the world in a way that works for them as an individual.

Name me the top 5 marketers in the world….

Yep and none of those have boobs.

Now I’m treading a fine line here because I don’t want to come across as a bra burning feminist who hates men.

But there is a lot of boy energy in the marketing world and not enough boobs.

There I said it.

The world needs more boobs, that synergy between the logical, technical and heartfelt & empathetic is where magic happens.

Is there any proof the world would be a better place with more boobs? No.

But someone told me the other day I could be the best ‘woman’ in marketing but he would always be the best ‘man’. Challenge on.

That said I can’t abide the mum-preneur, ladies networking or other boob only events. It’s just helping to breed the notion that boobs are somehow in need of protection or special treatment because they can’t make it on their own.

My parting thoughts

Show up in the world your way. You were born unique and wonderful, create a business that is too. Learn for sure, be inspire but take things forward your way.

If you choose to make 2016 different from last year, or any other year for that matter you have the power to do that. But you probably know a lot of things already that you are not implementing and taking action on.

So unless you are very new to the business world and do need to learn some stuff your choice is really just one of how much and how intensely you are going to act.