Smart business owners are really curious about one question

How can our marketing technology fast-track our growth

And that is exactly what the digital marketing audit is designed to answer in just one hour.


Why an audit?

You’ve obviously got an eye for progress otherwise you wouldn’t be running a business.  But we can’t be all things to all people all the time.  That’s exactly why we have a solicitor, accountant and, when staff arrive, HR advisors too. 

Growing a business happens because we have people along the way who guide the path in their specialisms.  The problem in digital marketing is that too many specialisms grew out in different directions too fast without a solid strategy coordinating them all for your companies goals.

So you will probably have experienced people who are insanely brilliant web developers who haven’t got a clue how humans work.  People who can design the most stunning marketing materials but fail when they have to get them out in the world.  Or SEO / Email Marketing or Ad specialists who are brilliant at their ‘thing’ but can’t assimilate that back into business basics like ROI or brand & reputation.  It’s brilliant that we have specialists, we need that level of expert in our business and we also need direction, purpose and strategy too. 

It’s over 10 years now since I had my first marketing agency and back then people used to think I was bonkers for asking, ‘why do you want a website?’.  My point remains, what purpose does all this digital marketing technology serve for YOU?

Since then the digital marketing eco-system has exploded with more new tools and possibilities opening up daily.  Keeping up with what’s possible and then being able to confidently say your chosen methods are the most effective available for you and offer the best return is therefore rather challenging on your own.

My invitation to you then is to dedicate an hour to reviewing your digital marketing eco-system.

The Digital Marketing landscape in 2020 from
The Digital Marketing landscape in 2020 from

The image above shows over 8000 off the shelf digital marketing technologies to choose from in 2020 and that’s not including proprietary or custom built solutions.  This graphic is already out of date with new solutions added daily.  

So it is no surprise to me that many meetings are spent with marketing and technology teams at loggerheads over what needs to happen next.

Your role is to establish the business priorities and strategy, my role is to give you the best market tested solutions to achieve that, and where needed to design custom built solutions specifically for you.

This audit is an opportunity to draw a baseline of where your marketing technology is supporting your goals and what needs to change to make your marketing eco-system sustainable and scalable for the future.

How the audit process works