How to bring the full power of a Chief Marketing Officer into your business without the £109,000 / year commitment.

Imagine what you could do with a dedicated CMO at your disposal – even if you’re a tiny team with a big goal.

Did you know that a CMO with Chartered Management status will add on average £391,443 to your T/O?  Does that hint at why some companies grow so rapidly?  And are you stuck because you don’t have the £100K+ needed to get someone like that on your team?

I totally get it.  Bottom line, it matters.

And taking on a new team member in such a high level role comes with big risk, one you might not feel ready to take alone just yet.  Plus you probably feel a bit silly having strategic marketing meetings by yourself!

Well that’s OK, I’ve got you.  This is what I do and advice is on the way!

What if you had your own qualified and battle proven chief marketing officer and the cost of that CMO was shared with other businesses just like you?

Introducing The Boardroom…

Here's just a LITTLE bit of what you'll experience...

Marketing action perfect for YOU. Right NOW.

Who is perfect for The Boardroom?

You’ll be the owner / founder of the company, maybe one of a pair who had the good idea together.  

Your business will have seen success already, passing those critical first few years.  Plus you’ll have a strong sales history that gives you confidence to predict your T/O will stay above £150,000 / year.  

You’ve grown the team in key operational areas and have regular staff or outsourced support who you’re willing to train and develop.  (They get a pass into some of the resources too – but stay out of The Boardroom itself!) 

You’ll know what the vision is and the impact you want to make.

1:1 Monthly​ Analysis

You’ll prepare marketing figures ahead of time and submit them privately before our 1:1 call.  We then review and plan a way forward for you over the next month according to your goals.  Purposefully designed to get straight to the point and waste no time.  This is our own private boardroom session to keep you on track with your strategy and KPIs.

Emergency button

Every member of your team has access to an emergency button session to get over any snags or hurdles standing in the way of action.   That means they contact me direct and free up your valuable time to overcome tech tantrums, copy reviews, and getting unstuck on the execution – it all happens here.

All You Can Eat Wisdom

Each time a challenge arrives in the emergency button sessions there is a guide / how to / video of what to do to get over it created within 24 hours.  That means a full library of resource (on top of the years of collateral already there) to consume to your hearts content.  Oh and access to this for your whole team is UNLIMITED.  So you can have everyone executing the plan exactly as you see it.

Get Started Today

Step One is to book your initial accelerator call.  

Step two we set the goals and direction you want to achieve in the business.  If those sound like things I can support with we can discuss working together and move to step 3. 

Step 3 is to let me know on that call if it’s a “Yes! Let’s do this!” or a “Not for me thanks.


* Please note that I reserve the right to assess the suitability of each business who applies for The Boardroom and may suggest alternative services or service providers if you require support outside of my scope of practice.